It was meant to be…


As it turns out, I’ve had a spare Chase H.Q. game board for a number of years stashed in my spare parts bin. The status of the board is unknown, but given the state of the board that came out of the machine, I am glad to have spares.


There are two very interesting things about this parts board. The first, is that you can see it says “Chase HQ DX.” And the second is an odd, custom made PCB on top of the board which I assume changes the opto-interrupter input signal of the DX cabs accelerator & brake pedal in to a normal, on/off switch.


It seems like this was a DX board which may have been converted to be placed in a standard JAMMA type cab. Another reason for this assumption is that some of the program roms have been re-programmed as well to match the MAME set. I have my fingers crossed that the program rom data from the original DX board I have is in-tact as I can’t seem to find a dump of this data.

I’ll soon be able to verify though – my new EPROM programmer arrived last week. Stay tuned…


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