27 Years of Dust


Work has begun on the top section of the Chase H.Q. Cabinet. Here is a quick run down of it’s components;

-Opto interrupter type accelerator, brake and steering

-19″ Monitor with an unkown chassis

-Game board

-Big DC PSU with 12V, 5V and -5V.

-Taito “Drive Logic PCB” (More on this later)

-Chase H.Q. Game board which looks identical to another spare board I have from a normal Chase H.Q. Cab

-Servo controllers with big capacitors and independent transformers. One is rated for 15A, the other for 5A. Both of these boards look fairly similar but are slightly different. (See below)


Above you can see the drive logic board and it’s connection to the Drive Logic board. The Drive Logic board has an EPROM on it. Fingers crossed the data is still intact!


Here is the main PCB stack just after I removed it from the cage. It was absolutely grotty. I’ve alread given it one clean, another clean is still required. Initial inspection of this board is not good. There looks like there is some significant track corrosion around the audio circuit. My main concern is the Program Roms. From what I can gather, these have not been dumped. Some EPROMs were missing their stickers too.


Last picture for this update – here you can see the ribbon cable which connects the main PCB to the Drive Logic board. Note the large section of missing ribbon cable. The more I dig, the more I wonder what the history of this cab was. So far, not so good…


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