Ridge Racer / Rave Racer 6-Speed Transmission

Pics from camera 108

One of my favourite machines & arcade games of all time is Ridge Racer. As a kid I used to dump so much cash in to these machines that I would hate to know how much the total was. As an ‘adult’ (or rather a big kid with cash, a car and a trailer) I set out to find one of these machines and add it to the collection. My current machine is an AU delivered 33″ DX cabinet sans force-feedback. It looks like it was a Ridge Racer I which over the years has been upgrade to Ridge Racer 2 and then to Rave Racer. One thing that always annoyed me about the machine was a previous owner had changed it to an up/down shifter. Ridge racer needs to have a 6 speed H-Pattern. Luckily I had one in the shed as a spare from the first DX that I owned. The missing piece of the puzzle was making the software think it was a DX cabinet. After many years of sporadic research, here is how to make your System 22 I/O board think it is a DX cabinet, and hence accept the 6-Speed shifter; (Bridge B6 to B10). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lwC1-hUu3SFDpS2HZ9Wc41TJR8CGEVgFigcyxdrrOa0/pubhtml Alternatively, you can make your DX cabinet think it is a standard cabinet by disconnecting B6 and B10 on the I/O board which is useful if you want to quickly swap between Ace Driver & Victory Lap.


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