Chase H.Q. Restoration: Sensors & Setbacks!


The Chase H.Q. is a big machine. So big that it has clear markings for a forklift to pick the thing up. Unfortunately for restoration timelines it means that the machine is located at my work (along with all my other arcade machines). I’ve been arriving early to work and spending about an hour each day working on it. The morning usually goes something like this…

1. Begin working on the cabinet

2. Realize that I didn’t bring the right tools with me

3. Plan to pack the right tools tomorrow

(Rinse and repeat)

Here are some of the quick notes from today;

-The sensors are mainly optical / opto interrupters. I had thought that they may have been Hal-effect type sensors last night, but have since been able to verify.


-The two DC motors are 40V, 4A. (Time to buy a lab power supply)

-There are lots of bent / broken brackets which will need to be straightened out in order for all of the sensors to have correct alignment. 😦


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