Chase H.Q. Restoration – Exploring the Problem


The first part of the restoration of the full motion Chase H.Q. begins with the base module. Over the years, it has accumulated a fair amount of grime and dirt. Judging by the state of it, it looks like it may have been in a dirt shed at some stage. The thing is full of grass clippings, rocks, grass clippings and the odd hornets nest.

From my preliminary investigation, it looks like the base is made of of three key sections; two DC motors with sensors which control pitch & yaw as well as sensors which provide safety cut-out to the DC motors if someone is too close to the moving platform.


I’ll get to the safety cut out in future posts, however the Pitch & Yaw assemblies will be my first point of investigation.  Above is the yaw assemble. For all intensive purposes, it is identical to the pitch motor assemble but acts on a different movement axis. From what I can gather, the assemble contains the following;

1. One large DC motor, connected via belt to a long gear assembly (a big screw) which moves.

2. A set of 3 magnetic sensors which detect the resting position of the carriage that is on the long gear assembly. (lower left of image)

3. Two optical sensors connected to a sensor wheel at the end of the motor (upper left of image)

4. Two micro-switches at each end of the long gear assemble with very heavy gauge wire running to them. I suspect that these are designed to detect if the carriage over-runs the stopping points of the gear assembly and open the DC circuit.

In the image above you can also see the rose joints used to secure the top portion of the 400KG+ machine.

The pan at this stage is to do as much cleaning as possible to the pitch and yaw motor areas and begin basic tests of the switches using a micro-meter.

Stay tuned.


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