The Metrics of Space: Tactical Level Design – Gamasutra Feature Article

Over the last 12 months, I have been developing (and lecturing) a game design curriculum for TwoFour54 in conjunction with Ubisoft Abu Dhabi. This project is an example of opportunity based pedagogy whereby I act more as a facilitator of knowledge rather than a lecturer. The results of the course have been overwhelming after just 16 weeks. The work that students are producing is absolutely fantastic. What has been great about the experience for me personally is that it has given me the opportunity to sit down and consolidate all of the teaching materials that I have developed over the years into a central resource. The Metrics of Space: Tactical Level Design is the first article in a series which examines my own rational approach to level design (Check out my other RLD work). This is a theory which underpins my own professional practice when designing 3D spaces and is in part, derived from some of my PhD research. Stay tuned for more updates to this series and thanks to Features Director of Gamasutra, Christian Nutt for publishing the article.


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